What Our Pittsburgh Patients Are Saying

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It was definitely a marathon session, but well worth it from my perspective. I can now drink water without any pain. Massive success. Thanks so much for everything you did to get me out of insane pain and for fitting me in yesterday. You’re a life saver and an amazing talent.
— Rachel S.

I really appreciate you being able to get me in on such short notice. Not only to patch up that tooth, but also for the cleaning. It is also very nice to have a dentist who is only an email or call away. Your office came from a unanimous referral. I appreciate you sending out the email to touch base and keep me in the loop! Once again, just want to thank you for getting me in to do all that work so quickly and efficiently.
— Travis W.

I don’t even notice the new crown; it already feels very natural like it has always been there. Thanks again to you and your staff for the excellent care.
— Ellen W.

You were right about the crown, doctor. I can hardly notice it’s there. It feels great! Thanks for the excellent work

— Alicia D.

I’m all ready to sink my new restorations into some chocolate candy. I promise to brush and floss! Seriously, everything looks and feels great. You do good work Dr. Joey!

— Richard M.

I am really pleased with Myia’s work. She has a gentle touch, and is very knowledgeable and professional. She’s a great asset to your office. Overall, I am really happy that I found your office and look forward to a long relationship.

— Bill C..

Thank you, Dr. Troupe. It was great experience with you and your staff’s dental service.I will definitely recommend your practice to my colleagues and friends.

— Yu-Cheng K.

Thank you for always following up on email! My tooth feels great! Thanks for getting me through such a rough spot, I really appreciate it. I’m really glad my husband sent me to you in the first place.

— Rachel S.

The new crown is wonderful!! I told my husband what a great job you and Ashley did for me.To think I went through so much trouble and discomfort with the old crown…you made this procedure seem effortless. It is a great fit! Thank you.

— Lisa S.

Hi Dr. Troupe! Thanks for following up, and thanks for your great care yesterday. Emily says that her teeth feel just fine. Your staff, as usual, had great patience, and great senses of humor. We always appreciate that!

— Louise M.

Dr. Troupe: Thanks for your phone message. My teeth are fine. As a matter of fact, whatever you did, helped to stabilize my plate some. Got through an entire meal without it “falling out!” Thanks.

— Jackie R.

Dr. Troupe I have had no problems at all with the new restorations. No soreness or sensitivity. Great job! Thank you.

— Bob R.

Thanks for the follow up. Everything seems fine. I can’t tell you how great it was to be able to get in so quickly and be treated so well. Thanks!

— Jim V.

Everything is good – as you mentioned, the filling was sensitive for a few days afterward but now feels no different (if not, better) than before. I’m very impressed with how well it blends with the surrounding tooth – if I hadn’t been there it would have been impossible to know which tooth had been worked on.

— Eric B.

It feels much better, Dr. Troupe – thanks for checking! The sensitivity has already subsided, so I should be in good shape (hopefully!). Thanks again for squeezing me in on short notice.

— Jenn C.

Greetings. I had absolutely no residual pain related to the work. Nice job! All is good and temporary is holding. Thanks for checking in and see you soon.

— Tom N.

Dr. Troupe, Thank you for the follow up. My tooth feels solid and comfortable. Also, I was happy with the time and attention you spent with me, especially for what I was charged, it was less than I thought.

— Dennis C.

First off, I must say I’m so impressed with this kind follow up! I’ve never had a doctor take such a approach for simple dental work- very nice touch! I’m thrilled with the work, so far no issues at all. It feels fantastic, much smoother- and the color is spot on!! If anything comes up, I’ll be sure to reach out! I’ve already recommended you to a few people since they are looking for a new doctor. Can’t say they all will be as sweet, but then again I sell candy for a living! If you ever need any- let me know! Meant to comment on how precious your dogs are when I was in! Unfortunately, I was slightly nervous and forgot!!

— Jennifer G.

Thank you so much, Dr. Troupe! This is a wonderful office; I appreciate your willingness to keep me fully informed.

— Mary V.

Thanks again for the great dentistry and service. I was telling Janice last night about how impressed I’ve been with all aspects of my dental experience at your office. You have a great team and it shows.

— Brian M.

My tooth and crown feel great. I think the crown fits exceptionally well, and the bite feels very natural. I will let you know if that changes. I look forward to continuing with the additional work. Thanks for checking in with me and for you and your staff’s great care and concern. I do appreciate it.

— Rebecca B.

The crown feels excellent- just like my old tooth. Actually better than my old tooth as it doesn’t throb. Thanks for the excellent help, and for fitting me in so quickly.

— David C.

Everything is feeling great. I’ve had zero problems since leaving and by the next day I was feeling 100%. You do a fine job – I’m usually pretty sketched out by dentists. Thanks again for squeezing me in on such short notice

— Brad A.

Thanks for checking in! It really is a new world of dentistry. I doubt my old D.M.D. even knew what the internet was. At any rate, the temp crown actually feels just fine. Very little pain/tenderness after Monday. I’m kind of avoiding eating on that side, but I’ve been doing that for awhile. I’ll stay away from ‘problem’ foods until I get the permanent crown. You stand to make some money from me over the next few years… but hopefully not too much. Thanks for being welcoming, and I’ll see you and your team in a few weeks!

— Nathan P.

Thank you also for your excellent care of me and my teeth in these recent years. I appreciate not only your expertise as a dentist but also your professionalism and your excellent communication abilities. I have also appreciated working with everyone on your staff. You exemplify a wonderful trend I see in Pittsburgh these days: young people with good energy working to make our great city an even better place to live.

— Caroline A.

Thank you for the follow up. I am delighted to report that my tooth and my mouth feel great! I was truly dreading my appointment yesterday because I thought the after effects would be as painful as they were following my last visit. To the contrary, however, my mouth doesn’t even know that I was at the dentist yesterday! Everything feels very good. Thank you for the great care.

— Carolyn

The fit was perfect with not even the most remote of problems. Thanks for the great professionalism in getting this all put together.

— Frank M.

Everything is fine. There has been no pain at all. My teeth feel slightly different, but not the least uncomfortable. I’m not usually aware of the difference. I’m very pleased with whole thing.

— Bob S.

Seems everything feels fine indeed. I was very impressed with the whole thing, I was expecting it to be so much worse! Even though I seem “brave”, I really was/am pretty terrified (of dental work). I’ve had baaaaad experiences before, as you can guess from all the work in my mouth. So, thanks for all your work, I highly appreciate it.

— Renata F.

Thanks for checking. I’m not as sore as I thought I would be today, and barring Peanut Brittle, can eat about anything comfortably. Also, I haven’t accidentally eaten any part of my face.

— Ben R.

The teeth are feeling great. I haven’t experienced any sensitivity at all. Other than my jaw being a little sore, I can’t even tell that I had any work done! Thank you for being such an AWESOME dentist!

— Annie G.

Thanks for checking in and the explanation. I guess the best way to describe how the tooth feels today is that I forgot I had it done and was not thinking about it since I woke up this morning until I received your note! So, perfect.

— Bob Z.

Job well done! My mouth feels completely normal and I can’t tell I had dental work done.

— David B.

Before you ask, everything is perfect! Bite is great! Not sore anywhere (TMJ or elsewhere.) Thanks so much…Don’t even feel like I had work done.

— Hilary S.

Really nice of you to check in. The teeth feel great. I am also happy we went forward with the procedure. I am already scheduled for the whitening in March.

— Tony M.

Never before I had felt comfortable with a Dentist. I am so glad that I found Polished Dental.I am very comfortable with you and feel confident now.I really appreciate the way you make post-treatment follow-up inquires. My teeth and gums feel much better now.

— Karthik G.

Thanks, Joey, for your excellent care and followup!  No problems whatsoever with the teeth.  I’m biting bottle caps off with them!

— Doug P. 

They feel great – what a great job you and Ashley did!

— Margaret W.

Dr. Troupe: Thanks for the beautiful job in repairing my bridge!!!!!!!! The “new tooth” is probably the prettiest tooth in my mouth!!

— Jackie R.

As you suggested during my “Coronation”, it has been like a regular tooth essentially from the moment I left your office. I want to pay attention to the flossing of the tooth beneath it as the first night I shredded the floss, but not since (really just bragging that I floss 😁). Please thank Ashley for me, I like her crown’s the BEST.

— John P.

Thank you very much for checking in on me! My teeth are feeling great, and I’m very happy with how it went. I will see you again for my next exam in January.

— Christina R.

Thanks for checking in. Did receive your phone message as well, and really do appreciate the excellent level of service and follow-up you and your staff have offered so far.

— Chris A.

Thank you for your email and helpful synopsis of the treatment I need. It’s always a pleasure to see you and the others at the office. I appreciate your fine work and the special attention you provide to your patients.

— Ben S.