Dental Emergency Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA

Nearly all of us have experienced dental pain at some point in our lives—but sometimes, that pain is enough to send you rushing into the dentist office as fast as you can. If you’ve chipped a tooth, broke a filling, or you’re in unbearable pain, contact our Pittsburgh dental office immediately for emergency services. We leave open slots throughout the day to help care for all dental emergency situations involving your teeth and gums.

How to Handle a Dental Emergency

When you’ve found yourself facing a dental emergency, it can be easy to immediately start to panic. Take a deep breath and follow these tips on how to handle variations of dental emergencies before you can get into our office:

  • Care for toothaches by rinsing your mouth with warm water. Be sure to use dental floss to release any lodged food. Do not put painkillers against your aching tooth—this can result in burning your gum tissue.
  • Save the pieces of broken or chipped teeth, and be sure to rinse out your mouth and any pieces of your broken tooth fragments. Apply a piece of gauze to the area if it’s bleeding, and contact Polished Dental right away for professional repair.
  • If your tooth was knocked out, hold the tooth by the crown and rinse off the root in water. You can try to put it back in its socket, but never force it in place. If you can’t put the tooth back in place, put it in a cup of milk or water with table salt and contact a Pittsburgh dentist ASAP.
  • If you lose a filling, put a piece of sugarless gym into the cavity or use over-the-counter dental cement until you can get to the dentist.
  • If wires and braces break and are poking your gums and mouth, cover the end with orthodontic wax, cotton, or with a piece of gauze until you can get into the office.

Call Now For an Emergency Dentist in Pittsburgh

If you’re experiencing any form of dental emergency, contact us immediately at 412-281-3546.