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Dr. Joey Troupe

Dr. Troupe was raised in Punxsutawney, PA, home of Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil. He studied neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh before entering the School of Dental Medicine at Pitt. After dental school, he completed an additional residency program at Allegheny General Hospital. During his residency training, he worked alongside some of Pittsburgh’s best physicians, dentists and dental specialists, learning how to deliver advanced dental procedures and treat patients with complicated medical histories. Prior to starting Polished Dental Group, he practiced as an associate dentist in Shadyside and Highland Park. He has completed extensive continuing education at dental education centers around the country, including advanced training in placing and restoring dental implants, cosmetic reconstruction, full-mouth rehabilitation for the most complicated cases, Invisalign, extraction of third molars and other difficult teeth, and Botox/Dermal Fillers, as well as many courses in business administration for dental practices.

Dr. Troupe started Polished Dental in downtown Pittsburgh in Jnauary of 2013, acquiring the practice of Dr. Michael Eisenberg. In 2014, the practice became Polished Dental Group, expanding to a second location in Churchill/Wilkins Township. In 2016, the practice expanded once again to the Morningside neighborhood of Pittsburgh. With three locations, multiple highly skilled dentists, and three complete teams with experienced office managers, dental assistants, and dental hygienists, Polished Dental Group provides comprehensive dental care to patients from all areas of the city and beyond.

Dr. Troupe’s vision for Polished Dental Group is to provide a highly personalized dental experience in which each patient receives exceptional, unique attention and care. Dr. Troupe takes pride in ensuring that the practice uses the most state-of-the-art methods to diagnose and treat dental conditions, so that patients are educated and informed of their dental health and receive cutting-edge, minimally invasive dental care. The Polished Dental Group team works together with patients to create a long-term relationship and a comfortable environment where patients can embrace their oral health, have a seamless experience throughout their time at the practice, and feel confident and relaxed getting the care that they need.

Dr. Troupe is also deeply committed to community service, and has created multiple community service projects that engage the patients at Polished Dental Group in a way that benefits others. The practice has annual campaigns that help support the less fortunate and homeless within Pittsburgh, local animal shelters, and US troops deployed overseas. Dr. Troupe has also partnered with the Pittsburgh Pirates to develop the TeamSmile program, which is an annual event that provides free dental care to kids throughout Pittsburgh at a full-service dental clinic within PNC Park.

Dr. Troupe is passionate about music, animals, and being an engaged citizen in the city of Pittsburgh. As a musician, he is an active member of the Pittsburgh music scene, and you may find him playing with his band at a venue or music festival around the city. He also collects vinyl records, and has a small collection of green guitars. He strongly supports rescuing animals and local animal shelters, and he has three adopted dogs, Olive, Baloo, and Ringo. He volunteers with numerous Pittsburgh organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, and has been partnered with his Little Brother for over five years. He lives in Shadyside with his partner Ashley and their three puppies, and is often visited by his mother and father, Mary Jude and Joe, who live in Punxsutawney, and his sister, Sara, who is finishing her graduate education in Psychology.


pittsburgh dental practiceAshley is our clinical coordinator and Dr. Troupe’s assistant. With over 10 years of experience in dentistry, Ashley specializes in making your visit to the office as comfortable as possible, taking care of your needs and providing comedic relief along the way.



cosmetic dentist pittsburgh paKelly is the office manager for our downtown office, and she is the cheerful voice that greets our patients on the phone and as they enter the office for an appointment. She takes pride in helping you receive the dental care that you need, and she customizes your treatment plan to fit your specific schedule, budget, and expectations. She has many years of experience interacting with insurance companies, and she works with your insurance provider to maximize your reimbursement, making your experience getting treatment as seamless as possible. She designs financial arrangements and will explain your options so that you feel comfortable and confident maintaining a health smile! Kelly began her career as a certified dental assistant, graduating with highest honors, and began working in an administrative role with our practice. She enjoys spending time with her family and pets, cooking, exercising, and reading!



best dentist in pittsburghWith her 30+ years of experience, some of our patients have been visiting our dental hygienist Kathleen for cleanings since their very first tooth. Kathleen’s precise-yet-gentle examinations are a hallmark of our practice and the reason her patients, whether lifelong or after a single visit, trust their pearly whites in her hands.




Amber graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Hygiene in 2006 after working seven years as an oral surgery assistant. Amber teachers her patients how to prevent gum disease with a focus on helping patients to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. She has been featured in Dental Hygiene magazine and is very thorough in both cleaning and diagnosing teeth.



Jordan is the newest member of our Downtown team, and as the assistant office manager, he works alongside Kelly to help our patients schedule and receive dental care in the most efficient way possible. Jordan excels at coordinating the right day and time for your treatment, explaining financial and insurance matters, and taking all of the hassle away from your time at our office. As an aspiring dentist and future dental student, Jordan brings a strong work ethic and a positive attitude to the practice.